.: All New - Art of Being - Holly Marie Combs :.

The Good Girl: "Growing up, I tried to rebel. I really did. But it's hard to do that when your parents are musicians in a rock band. When I came home with my first tattoo, they thought it was cool."

Put down that rattle and step away from the diapers: "For some reason everybody on the set - except for me - thinks I should get pregnant for real. It's like they all got together and I've been nominated! Honestly, the thought of having a baby scares me!"

Going Under: "The hardest stunt I've ever done on Charmed was the episode they tried to drown me. (Laughter.) At first, being underwater was fascinating. I used to scuba dive. But it's a lot different when they put chains on you and take your oxygen away. For a second there, I actually thought they were doing away with me."

In the Doghouse: "My weekends are usually all about my animals. I have far too many of them... I have six dogs, three cats, five rabbits, three birds, a turtle, koi fish and four horses. I think that's everybody, did I cover all of the animal kingdom?"

We Are Family: "I see Alyssa more than I see my boyfriend. We are like old-time, family friends. We know everything about each other, and we've become so close we don't even have to say anything out loud in order to communicate."