.: Born On The Fourth Of July (AKA "Geboren am 4. Juli") :.

Holly plays Jenny, a young girl who Ron Kovic meets in a pool hall while he is still on his descent. Ron gets into an argument with a World War II veteran about Viet Nam. When the argument ends, he turns his attention to Jenny who is playing pool. He asks her to go to Mexico with him. Jenny thinks he is crazy. They dance, and Ron falls drunkenly out of his wheelchair.

Here's what the movie is about
Born On The Fourth Of July tells the true story of Ron Kovic (Tom Cruise), a patriotic, All-American small town athlete who shocks his family by enlisting with the Marines to fight in the Vietnam War. Once he is overseas, however, Kovic's gung-ho enthusiasm turns to horror and confusion when he accidentally kills one of his own men in a firefight. His downfall is furthered by a bullet wound that leaves him paralyzed from the chest down. He returns home, spends an appalling, nightmarish stint in a veterans' hospital, and follows an increasingly disillusioned and fragmented path that ultimately leaves him drunk and dissolute in Mexico. However, Kovic somehow turns himself around and pulls his life together, becoming an outspoken anti-war activist in the process. ~ Review by Don Kaye, at All Movie Guide.