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Holly's Speaking Part

"During the first year of the show people didn't recognise me unless I got all gussied up like this (referring to having her 'television face' of full make-up and wearing designer clothes), but now they recognise me no matter how hideous I look, which can be very unfortunate."

"The other day, I went to a home depot store and the sales guy told me I looked a lot like one of the girls from Charmed. But then he said 'No, no, you couldn't be her because she's much taller than you.' I thought that was very funny."

"Oh my god, (Piper's) had an amazing evolution, because she was such a nervous worrywart when we started. So I kind of meshed Piper's personality and Prue's personality together to kind of come to a happy medium. And I think that's how she ended up, because she has the strength and the resolve and the steeliness of Prue, but she still has the heart and the emotions of Piper."

"I don't believe in magic the way the show believes in magic. I believe in more mystical things and intuition, I believe in positive thinking, which is basically what spells are - repeated positive thinking."

"When I was in high school I wanted to be a marine biologist, I got a movie and that went out the window."

"(Alyssa, Rose & I) went through eachother's breakups and marriages and my ultrasounds. We became a family, and the fans were great about letting us into their homes."

"Its funny, because I had some meetings recently, and I was asked 'What do you want to do now?' Well, Whatever, I'm not terribly picky. What I like to do, Where my heart is and where I think I do my best work, is in the dramas."

"We have such a cushy job. I think there's a bad karma attached to an actor wanting to get out of a successful show. It's like looking a gift horse in the mouth, and I just can't condone it in any way."

~ Credit goes to Helen Scerri for typing this up for the site. Thank you!