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Sheís been with the show since its pilot episode. Seven years and 150 episodes on, Holly Marie Combs reflects on the impact Charmed has had on her life with David Waldon Ö

Itís been seven years since Holly Marie Combs made her Charmed debut in the showís pilot episode ĎSomething Wicca This Way Comes,í but the popular actress is still relishing the challenge of playing Piper Halliwell as much as she ever did.

Thatís because, for Holly, Charmed has been (and continues to be) a life changing experience. Not only did the show made her a household name across the world, she also met hr husband, David Donoho, on the Charmed set and following a fairy tale wedding on February 14, 2004, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Finley. Here, Holly, who first shot to fame as Kimberly on David E. Kelleyís award-winning drama Picket Fences, chats exclusively to Charmed Magazineís David Waldon about what the past seven years have meant to her, her career prior to Charmed, her hopes for the future, her views on fan conventions and her many, many pets Ö

Charmed Magazine: In your opinion, how many more season do you think Charmed has in it?

I donít know. Weíve never tried to guess what our ultimate success would be and kind of left it up to the audience. And if they want to see it, we want to keep making it.

Following your lengthy run on Picket Fences, were you a little reluctant to try TV again with Charmed?

No, because Picket Fences was such a great family atmosphere where I had the best possible experience, I had no reason to not want to do it again. Because I couldnít have asked for anything better. I was surrounded by great actors, and I had great writing, and I had a great crew. And you donít just find those elements often. So I went into this with that experience, and I think weíve attempted to replicate that experience, and we have. Our crew is great, and we have a lot of fun, and itís an easy show to make. Even though itís technically difficult, itís easy to be here, and itís easy to make, because doing this kind of stuff, you end up spending a large portion of your life here, and itís got to be the first place you want to be.

Because Picket Fences was so grounded in reality and Charmed is so well, not, was there an odd transition from that old environment to this one?

Yeah, itís tough, because I had not worked with all these special effects before. Now Iím like, you know, an olí hound dog at it, but before, it was all foreign to me. And now itís just second nature in the beginning, it was very hard. You have to ease the self-consciousness about yourself and not be afraid to look silly, because a lot of the time youíre going to look silly doing what we do. And you just canít be worried about how youíre going to look, because youíre going to look silly. And it will be funny.

Do you want to direct at some point on the show?

You know what, I know, from being close to people who have directed, that itís a tough show to direct. Itís really tough to deliver on time and under budget because we ask our directors to do a lot in eight days, and itís tough. So no, Iíd probably start with something easier! [Smiles]

Is the show and the baby, dominating your life to the extent where there are no other projects on the way for you?

Yeah, Iím afraid so. Itís kind of Ė you divide up your time into whatís important to you, and at this moment, whenever I have any free time, Iíd rather spend it with him.

How have your many pets adjusted to the change at home?

Itís tough. Itís another way youíve got to divide up your time, or at least my time, between all of the animals and the new baby.

How many animals do you have now?

Two birds, three cats Ė Iíve got to count the dogs Ė thereís [Davidís] two, my two and the other one we got together, so thereís five. Thereís three horses, a few fish an d I had a turtle, but we had to find the turtle a more proper home because we have the infant around the house. The E. coli, salmonella, all that kind of stuff. So he found a nice big pond to go to. Itís nicer than anything I could have given him.

You probably get this question a lot, but why so many pets?

I donít know. You know what, I grew up around animals, and it seems like a natural way of being for me. My grandmother had a ton of animals Ė actually, more than I do, if you can believe that Ė and to me, itís weird to see people living their life without animals. I have no idea what they do with their spare time. [Laughs]

Do you have a favorite episode of Charmed?

I liked the King Arthur/Camelot episode [ĎSword and the Cityí] that I did last season. It was funny Ė well, it wasnít so funny, but it was kind of creepy, that we did that episode while I was pregnant, even though I got stabbed in the gut. It was one that Iíll always remember for that. But that one was fun, and our guest star in that was really, really good, which makes our jobs so much easier than they are. Actually, a couple of my favorites are from last year, strangely ĎLittle Monstersí was one of my favorites, with the baby demons. But Iím hoping I havenít done my favorite yet.

Do you have a least favorite episode?

[Laughs] Least favorite? I donít know. I donít think so. Iíve had some least favorite costumes. The Glenda the Good Witch costume [from the season three episode ĎAll Halliweíllís Eveí] was particularly uncomfortable. That was not fun. With the wig and the taffeta and the layers and layers of fabric.

Those episodes when you ladies go to new lands or play different characters Ė are they a curse and a blessing because theyíre a lot of fun but do but involve costumes and settings and fuss?

Yeah. You know, you really do begin to appreciate normal clothes once you have an extravagant costume like that, because itís just so much easier to act when youíre not encumbered by anything huge or uncomfortable or that is shifting or falling off you. For example, the first episode that weíve done this season [ĎA Call to Armsí], I had one of those bindi things here [points to the middle of her forehead], and it kept moving and kept getting lower and lower throughout the day on my forehead. And they kept trying to pull it up, and it kept sinking and sinking. And itís really hard to do a scene when youíre distracted by something falling in between your eyes. It was very hard to look serious when youíre having problems like that.

Was it just the sweat from the lights that kept it from staying put?

It just seemed like the longer the day went on, the more my costume would start falling down. {laughs.}

Have you ever gone to any of the fan conventions?

No, no time.

Would you want to after the show goes off the air and you actually have time to do it?

Absolutely. I hear itís very popular in Europe with very dedicated fans form Europe. So thatís definitely something that weíll consider doing.

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