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The delightful Holly Marie Combs reflects on Charmed’s seventh season with Ian Spelling…

“Personally, for me it’s been a rough season,” says the pretty actress behind Piper Halliwell. “Not only did I have the birth of my own baby, but we’ve got the two babies on the show. So in a lot of the scenes I’m juggling babies and I’m doing a lot of the things I do at home, making them breakfast or lunch and then still trying to do the scenes. It’s been very busy. Playing the busy mom has been very busy. It’s not really acting. It’s kind of mirroring my own life.”

On the other hand, for the episode ‘The Seven Year Witch’, Combs acted not so much with a child, but a very handsome man. She shared scenes with Julian McMahon, who returned to help Charmed celebrate its 150th episode. Interestingly, writer-producers Brad Kern chose to have Cole (McMahon) interact directly with Piper rather then his old flame, Phoebe. “Julian paid us a huge compliment by wanting to come back and by actually coming back and being with us for a while,” Combs notes. “Julian and I had a very good time, and I’m still wondering how I got picked to work with him!”

With an eighth season of Charmed now confirmed, Combs knows what she’d like to see happen next year… “I think we owe it to the audience to give them what they want,” Combs says, referring to the Piper/Leo storyline. “A majority of the audience, probably all of the audience, wants to see them together. WE’ve spent so much of the series with them trying to get together that we really do owe it to the fans to give them and the characters their happy ending.”

~ Credit goes to Rachel for typing this up for the site. Thank you!