.: Witches on the high seas :.

The "Charmed" witch Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs support the animal protection organization "Sea Shepherd Australia" against the controversial law that large sharks are fair game in certain areas.

Shannen Doherty and her former "Charmed" co-star and girlfriend Holly Marie Combs are committed to Australian Sharks: On Monday (March 31) the series stars with the crew of the animal rights activists of "Sea Shepherd Australia" travelled off the coast of Perth in Western Australia at sea. Reason of the action was because it has been going on for several months between the Australian Government and animal rights activists around the controversial law introduced in January, which allows to capture potentially dangerous sharks with a size of over three meters in traps and kill if necessary. Under the Twitter hashtag #nosharkcull, which means "No culling of sharks," said animal rights activists, who are also involved in the net against the law adopted in January of this year. A law intended to reduce the deadly shark attacks on humans.

"Checking the Drum Lines [Hai-traps note] Culling is not ok #nosharkcull", the series Star wrote under a photo on Twitter where she and Holly Marie Combs are at sea. Both are wearing caps with the logo of "Sea Shepherd". This cap was already a day earlier proved to be a real bestseller for the animal rights organization. You and Combs and supported the crew of the "Sea Shepherd Australia" in merchandising sales at the "Comic Con" in Perth on Sunday (March 30) and Doherty pointed with a Twitter Selfie also to the forthcoming "Comic Con" in Adelaide, Australia, which takes place next weekend (April 5 and 6) and promised free hugs for all visitors wearing the cap or beanie.

And suddenly the caps were sold as "Sea Shepherd" activist Omar Todd again announced on his Twitter account: "How to sell out really quickly of @SeaShepherd beanies? Well when @DohertyShannen wears one they disappear fast! #outofstock! ;-)".

Even though the struggle to protect sharks is persisting, there was good news for the animal rights activists on Monday (March 31) : The International Court of Justice in The Hague has stopped the Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. The reason for the judgment was that Japan's whaling serves no scientific purpose, among others, reported "Time Online". Japan had bypassed with precisely these grounds since 1986, the international whaling ban. In addition to other animal rights activists also rejoiced Holly Marie Combs on Twitter : "Finally some good news!"