.: Gala (French) July 2004 :.

Holly Marie Combs, the "Charmed" hero becomes a mother!

At 30 years old, the beautiful witch didn't feel ready to have a baby. But as magical the arrival of her first child has put away her fears! From now on, it's for him she wishes to make some sparks. Charming...

Photo description: Holly Marie, surrounded by Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano, reality has joined fiction. Piper Halliwell, her character in Charmed, is also a mother.

Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan, her partners in Charmed, are persuaded: Holly Marie Combs must invoke the good spirits! After getting married with David Donoho, scene shifter on the show, on Valentine's Day, the actress has given life to their first child on April the 26th, date of Mother's Day in USA. Named Finley Arthur and weighting 3,2 kilos (about 6,5 pounds) at his birth, the little boy is my priority, I'd rather be a good mother than a good actress, she was saying. Conscious to not be able to become one with a magic wand, she has already made some arrangements. Horrified by the pollution in L.A she is thinking about moving to San Diego. But even if it doesn't please the producer Aaron Spelling, she mostly wants to slow down her work pace. In the middle of August, the beautiful brunette will start the shooting of the 7th Charmed's season; nevertheless, she has told loudly and highly, she will appear in less episodes. Stupid decision? No, for Holly Marie Combs, the happiness has simply not something sorcerer. T.D.