.: A Charmed Nursery :.

Actress Holly Marie Combs creates an enchanting space for her first child

"They like to say I was a year late," says Charmed co-star Holly Marie Combs of her show's producers. "I like to say they were a year early." On the WB series Combs plays a new mom, but this month she gets to experience the real thing - which has given the 30-year-old actress the chance to plan a room for her own son.

The contemporary-looking nursery her character uses on the set wasn't so much an inspiration as an impetus for change. "I didn't like it," says Combs. For her own ranch-style house in California's San Fernando Valley, she says, she wanted the nursery to be "traditional and antique, and incorporate aspects of our personalities, because that's what it's all about." Combs and husband David Donoho picked the theme and a mint-green color scheme, then whipped up a little magic. To get the same look (no spells required), read on.

Combs picked bedding in gingham and a farm print (Wendy Bee, $219 for a bumper, one sheet, a blanket and a skirt; 877-936-3923 or wendybee.net). "I have found horses, and my family has always been into horses," she says. To continue the pastoral theme she chose a pig blanket ($34; at the Hidden Chateau & Gardens, 818-610-3228) and a plush horse ($30; at Toys R Us, 800-869-7787).

To add a personal touch Combs placed baby photos of her and her husband on a silver-plated tray from the Hidden Chateau & Gardens ($52; 818-610-3228). (Yes, that's Combs atop a horse on the right.) The silver-plated heart rattle is from Posh Tots ($25; 866-767-4868).

"I knew I wanted the room green, because I didn't want it to be the typical boy-blue," says Combs. "I also wanted to keep this room neutral in case we have more kids." She commissioned a Peter Rabbit mural from painter Gilda Almeida ($1,500; Embellishments by Gilda, 805-241-0966). The Morigeau-LÚpine sleigh crib ($779; the Juvenile Shop, 818-986-6214), stained a cognac color, goes with the dark wood in the rest of the house. The mobile with teddy bears and hearts is from Bellini ($37; 818-990-0860).