.: Loves Deadly Triangle (Aka "Swearing Allegiance") :.

Holly plays Diana Zamora in this movie. She has a lead part. Diana and David vow that they will be together forever.

Here's what the movie is about
Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder is the story of two "model" teenagers-- Diane Zamora (Holly Marie Combs) and David Graham (David Lipper)-- who kill another teenager, Adrianne Jones (Cassidy Rae), because Jones had injured their "perfect" relationship by having a sexual tryst with Graham. Early in the movie, Graham convinces Zamora that they should sleep together, despite the fact that Zamora highly values her virginity. She finally gives in, stating "we are bound together forever." Later, when talking to her mother, Zamora rationalizes losing her virginity to David on the ground that she will either die Mrs Diane Graham or Miss Diane Zamora.