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Holly Speaks Out About Season 8

'Charmed' star Holly Marie Combs Speaks to NNO

NNO: So Charmed has been renewed for an eighth season. How do you feel about that?

Holly: I knew we would all along. Seriously, I had no intention of leaving. If they had cancelled us I would have said, "Yep, ok, but we're not stopping" and we would have soldiered on. There is no way the fans would have accepted anything less.

NNO: Season eight hasn't been written yet, but what do you think we'll see?

Holly: Honestly? I have no idea. And I don't just mean that in the 'it's not written so how could I know?' sense. I mean that we have very gifted writers who could all have a different idea of where to take the season. I can tell you that I will have some input, though, so when I know maybe (if I am allowed to) I'll leak some spoilers...sorry, Brad, only joking...

NNO: Brian [Krause] has come up with some story ideas and has co-written a few episodes. Any chance we'll see you doing the same?

Holly: Well, it's possible. I have had my days where we'll finish filming an episode and I'm like, "Oh, now the next episode should go like this!" but I've never actually really pitched my ideas. Maybe I should start...

NNO: Fans are dying to know if eight will be the last for 'Charmed'. Any comments?

Holly: Well, here's what I'll say - we'll go until we're ready to end the show. Networks can be worked around if you pay them enough! Only joking again, Brad! No but seriously, it's our show and we do have some say, contrary to what others believe, so we'll end it when we're ready. That's my non-committal response. But I will say that I can't see myself being ready to end any time soon...

NNO: I don't think the fans can either.

Holly: (laughs) Well, it's a show for the fans. Everything we do is for the fans and it makes me jump for joy when I see how much they love it.

NNO: We heard the WB got quite the number of candles, pentagrams, and letters concerning the season eight renewal. Your doing?

Holly: Absolutely, and proud of it!

NNO: What is your number one message for the fans right now?

Holly: Stay Charmed! Your faith keeps us going!