.: Our Mother's Murder (Aka "Daughters") :.

Holly plays Alex. We see anxiety and pain as she watches her mother's mistreatment by the man she loves.

Here's what the movie is about
Anne Scripps (Roxanne Hart) is the divorced mother of two teenage girls and the heir to the Scripps family fortune. Daughters Alex (Holly Marie Combs) and younger sister Annie (Sarah Chalke) are very close to their mother. When their mom becomes involved with Scott Douglas (James Wilder) the sisters question the relationship between their refined, elegant and educated mother to the surly blue-collar worker nine years her junior. After the couple marries, younger sister Victoria is born. Now having a heir to the family fortune, Scott becomes outwardly hostile towards the girls and abusive towards his wife. Alex does everything she can to help her mother, who is in denial over her abusive treatment. Anne talks to a therapist in an effort to save the troubled marriage. Annie and Alex contact the police when their mother's dead body is found in a running car on the Tapping Zee Bridge, the victim of a crushed skull. The search immediately goes out for the main suspect, her husband Scott. This made-for-TV movie debuted on July 16, 1997 on the USA Network. ~ Review by Dan Pavlides, at All Movie Guide.