.: Sins Of Silence :.

Holly plays A young woman who is found suffering from severe shock after what looks like a violent sexual attack. However, counselor who was once a nun in charge of the local crisis centre looks into the case and finds the woman is not as she appeared to be.

Here's what the movie is about
It's a TV movie that deals well with the issue of how our legal system mistreats rape victims. Sins of Silence shows how our legal system treats rape victims. In the opening scene, a young woman ("Holly Marie Combs") is raped by the son of a prominent family. At the hospital, Molly ("Lindsey Wagner"), a former nun who runs a rape-crisis center, talks to the young woman, who says her name is Theresa. She convinces Theresa to do the "exam" in case she decides to press charges. She also convinces Theresa to come to the rape-crisis center, but Theresa misses the appointment, and Molly discovers she has given Molly a fake name.