.: Holly Marie Combs Mourns Charmed's End :.

By Patricia Whitesell

After countless rumors and mysterious quotes, hit TV series "Charmed" finally announced its end officially.

"It's really a sad thing," Holly said, smiling sadly. "I've been with this show since the beginning. Eight years is a longer time than people think it is, and the set of Charmed has really become a second home to me. I can honestly say I've spent a few nights at the set because with a late ending of one day and an early start of the next, sometimes it isn't even worth the trip home!"

But despite the sadness, Ms. Combs announces that she's looking forward to other things.

"I may be doing another TV show soon...I'm being considered for a lead role in a drama on a different network. If that doesn't work out, there are some movies I'm looking forward to trying. There will never be a gig quite like Charmed, but hey, I gotta keep a job, don't I?" she laughs.

As for the other girls, Holly is tight-lipped. "Alyssa is so sad to see the show go, maybe more sad than I am. We all knew there was a huge chance the show would end, but when the network let out the official press release, Alyssa cried. Heck, I teared up a bit. I'm not really sure what she'll be doing post-Charmed, but nothing short of amazing, I'm sure. Rose is already lined up for a few movie roles, although nothing too huge, but other than that I don't know."

When asked what fans should expect in this monumental show's series finale, Holly gives one simple message: "Charmed is an amazing show and it's finale will be amazing as well, but to reveal much of what happens would ruin some of the magic...no pun intended. The only thing I can say is that a few things will happen that will really make fans happy..."