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Holly Marie Combs has become bewitched man she met through Charmed co-star.

The 26-year old brunette who plays middle sister Piper Halliwell on the hit network ten series Charmed says it was her close friend and TV sister who actually introduced her to the man who is now her fiancee'. "Shannen [Doherty] and I were in Mexico right before we started the show, and happened to be in a bar/restaurant. There was a cute boy there that she happened to spot first. I didn't like the look of him, so I thought, 'Oh no Shannen!," Holly recalls for TV WEEK with a sheepish grin, as Shannen overhears our conversation during a break in filming the series on Los Angeles. "Did Holly tell you that I saw him first?" Shannen (Above centre, with Charmed co-stars Alyssa Milano, left, and Holly) interrupts with a grin, "Let's make that clear. She had no idea what to do. But he turned out to be an amazing guy." "And a year later, I'm engaged to him!" Holly adds excitedly.

While marriage does not seem to be a long-standing commitment for the three Charmed stars - Shannen's 1994 marriage to Ashley Hamilton lasted seven months and Alyssa Milano's 1998 marriage to musician Cinjun Tate ended late last year after only 10 months - Holly is not letting her own failed marriage to actor Bryan Smith, which ended in 1996, discourage her from taking the plunge again. "We're going to be sensible and wait to make sure it really lasts," She cautions, explaining that her first marriage at the age of 18 took place in a Las Vegas chapel after only eight dates. "I thought he was the love of my life but people change. You need a lot of time to really know someone." Now Holly can't stop singing the praises of her new love, Storm Lydon (left, with Holly).