.: Holly Marie Combs’ TV career has been Charmed :.

AMERICAN actor Holly Marie Combs has no intention of buckling under the pressure of Hollywood to go under the knife.

And while the star of hit TV series like Charmed and Pretty Little Liars admits the variety of roles for women as they age are fewer, the mother of three is happy to be working consistently.

“It is hard, as you get older the job pool shrinks a little bit every decade,” she said at the Supanova pop culture expo at Sydney Showground yesterday.

“For older actresses, there is less parts and there are definitely fewer parts now for me than when I was 20 or 25 so that is kind of a bummer but I’ve been lucky enough to be in this business for more than 30 years so I can’t really complain.”

The 42-year-old also enjoyed a long running stint on the Picket Fences TV series in the 1990s.

Having played younger roles for much of her career, Combs is enjoying life on screen in her 40s.

And while she concedes plastic surgery is a common practice in the industry, for both men and women seeking to look younger, it isn’t something she is willing to entertain.

“Of course I am going to look older, which beats the alternative and that is being dead or having way too much plastic surgery, which isn’t an option for me,” she said.

“I am just far too paranoid. I have seen so many faces go wrong and I would be the one person that something horrible would happen to. I’m just not going to tempt fate that way.”

Combs got her start as an actor at age seven and is best known for playing Piper Halliwell on popular American TV series Charmed for eight years from 1998.

“Often times the fans remember it better than I do,” she said.

Charmed came to an end in 2006 and there has been much talk since then of a reboot either with a new cast or bringing back original witches Combs, Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano.

“The fan demand for it is increasing, not decreasing,” said Coombs. “I don’t know if we will be a part of it if it comes back but the enthusiasm for it hasn’t died down, if anything there is a second and third generation of fans that are into it.”