.: Yam (Deutsch or German) #33 August 4th, 2004 :.

YAM! visited the Charmed-star at her ranch und shows the first pictures of her baby Finley exclusively...

Finley Arthur Donoho is only three months old, but he has outranked his mum Holly Marie Combs (30) and his aunts Alyssa Milano (30) & Rose McGowan (30). No question: On the set of the seventh “Charmed”-episode, where shooting has started in L.A. two weeks ago, the little worm is the ultimate star!

Holly Marie’s son has his own caravan, his own driver and a nanny, who cares for him round-the-clock, at the set. Holly laughs: “Well, Finley gets more attention and extras than anybody else. Only this way I am able to have him by my side and also do the shooting without having to worry. Everyone cares for him, which is touching.”

The famous mum always keeps a close eye on him, because nothing is more important to her than the security of her child – love of a mother. Perhaps she is going to end up acting for him one day.

Holly: “I love my job, but more I love spending time with my little sweetheart. Because of this I believe that I will be housewife and mother one day.”

After the marriage with David W. Donoho (38) on 14.2.2004 and the birth of her child on the 26th of April Holly’s private life is now perfect. The family of a few hours’ standing lives on a little ranch near San Fernando Valley / California. YAM! was allowed to glance at Finley’s nursery: The room equipped with dark wooden furniture and painted light green affects antiqued and fits perfectly with the country-style of the home.

Holly recalls: “David and I, we made our decision for teal green, because we did not want the typical blue for boys. We wanted an artificial and neutral room.” And she blinks: “Perhaps we will get another child…” Holly has decorated the nursery with many pictures of David’s and her childhood and their horses Jake, Jezebel and Jesse Apart from the horses there are many other animals in Holly’s empire: the dogs Travis and Lola, the cats Blue & Selena, the rabbits Thumper and Jack, four birds (only two have names: Lollies & Flower) also four fish in a small pond.

Her hobbies include doing the garden around her ranch. Holly: “My little farm is absolutely perfect! The many animals, the ranch, my wonderful husband and now our little Fin. That happy I was never before in my life. Also David is absolutely lucky. He is looking forward to ride a motor bike with Finley one day.