.: A ‘Charmed’ life & a speedy delivery :.

Holly Marie Combs reveals that the pregnancy of her “Charmed” character is proving to be rather difficult for producers Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent.

“They’re concerned about showing my character pregnant. They’re very old-fashioned, from an era where a woman got fired if she looked pregnant on a show. It’s fine with me, but to please the producers we worked it out so that I’ll only wear a body suit on six segments, a few episodes to show me midterm, a few to show me very, very pregnant.”

Combs, who expects her Piper Halliwell character to give birth during the February sweeps, notes that fans are rooting for her.

“They were supportive about Piper’s marriage to Leo (Brian Krause), and wanted to see a baby come about. Every now and then, we try to emulate real life, and this is the real human element.”