A Witch In Every Way .: A Witch In Every Way :.

By Steve Gidlow

"They're Not Wicked But They're most definitely bewitching! The three most spellbinding girls on television, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty chat to TV Hits about their Charmed Lives!"

Are you excited, working on Charmed?

Holly: It is really sooo exciting and fun!

Alyssa: Just so much! You could've answered that one yourself - right (laughs)! No really, we're having a blast and we are really close to the crew, so every day it's great to go to work.

How did you prepare to be in the show, did you watch the movie, The Witches of Eastwick?

Holly: Absolutely! You know, that's what I've said all along, the show should be like The Witches of Eastwick. Exactly like it, with no Sabrina stuff happening, its the way to go!

Shannen: Yeah, The Witches of Eastwick is one of my fave movies!

Is your show based on The Craft?

Shannen: No, no no! Whenever anybody asks me I've said it's kind of like The Witches of Eastwick.

Are you anything like your characters in real life?

Holly: No, I'm more laid back than Piper. Playing Piper is exhausting! She constantly has some problem. She panics at the drop of a hat! It was a terrible character choice on my part to play her so hyper, because by the time we do three or four days, I'm like...ugh!

Are you happy with the powers you've been given in the show?

Alyssa: Not really, I think Phoebe has all the passive powers and I'm ready for her to have an active power - it's time for that.

Would you like to trade powers with someone else?

Shannen: Probably Holly's power to freeze time - that one is the most fun!

Holly: I'd love to trade, Shannen's got the easiest power to shoot. Alyssa has visions in the future, so they have to shoot her scenes twice. First they film her being involved in the vision, then they've gotta shoot her having the vision. It's twice as much work!

Does that mean she's paid double?

Holly: No, she might get paid overtime (laughs)!

If you could really have one of these powers, what would it be?

Holly: Probably Mine, because I think it would come in handy most often. Having visions would drive me insane, that would be too scary. Moving things is kinda of cool, but I think freezing time has endless possibilities.

Shannen: I would say freezing time, if that means I could freeze time and go back and fix it. If it only means freezing time and moving forward, then no. If I could see into the future, then I guess I would, but that's actually not my favourite power, mine is my favourite power - moving things, because it means you can be in two places at the same time, which is amazing! But if I could reverse time, I would do that one!

Is there anyone out there you would like to freeze?
Holly: There are tons of people I'd like to freeze for all of eternity, but we won't go into that!

Is there a moment that you'd like to go back to?

Alyssa: Oh god, there are so many times in the day. I'd be freezing time so I could just take a nap (laughs). I would love to nap during the day, which I never have time to do.

Did you have a favourite witch show while you were growing up?

Alyssa: I actually didn't watch a lot of tv as a kid so I never really got to watch shows like Bewitched or anything. I never really had a favourite witch story either. So I would have to say that Charmed is my favourite witch show!

Did you do much witchy research before doing the show?
Alyssa: Not really, I came into the show late. I was the last one cast, so I didn't really have a lot of time. But let's say I'm a lot more aware of all that stuff now after working on the show for a while.

Do you find it weird doing special effects acting?

Shannen: It's kind of weird, but you know, what's cool in your imagination can run wild, which I sometimes think really, really helps your acting.

Holly: Yeah, its such an odd experience. You're by yourself most of the time and doing the scenes by yourself and you've got to do it three or four times more than you would normally because of all the special effects.

Did you know that before?

Holly: No, I had no idea! I didn't know they were going to digitally freeze them, I thought the actor would just stop in mid air! I'm like why can't we just do it that way?! Hold your breath!

Have you all bonded as a cast?

Holly: We have bonded. We're doing pretty well. We're very happy and it's really important when you put in these long hours to be able to get along with the people you work with!

In the Know ... Holly Marie Combs' mother was only 14 when she became pregnant with her future actress daughter. Holly Appeared in her first advertisement when she was only 10 years old!