.: SÚries Mag, June 2002 :.

You actually live a beautiful love story with a guy named David Donoho. Can you tell us how you met?

I met David aproximately two years ago, during the filming of "Charmed". He was key grip and he had to take care of a lot of things on the set. At first, I thought he was sympathic, but I didn't feel like I was attracted to him. Then, as time went by, we learned how to know each other better and I found an awesome guy. After a couple of months, the way I looked at him completely changed. I was madly in love with him and happily, he felt the same way. I'm happy that our love story was imposed to us in a light way. In the past, love at first sight didn't succeed very well. I was too naive. After talking two minutes with a guy, I was able to think that he was my soulmate.

Is this the reason that you got married so young?

Yes, without a doubt. But it was an mistake. When I married Bryan Smith, I was only 23 years old. I was still a young girl who wasn't ready to live a real couple life. I don't know what got into me. We got married after eight days and we ended up sleeping together after three months. He asked me to marry him and I accepted without thinking. We went to Las Vegas and we got married the next day. It was funny and romantic at the same time, but it was a mistake. Marriage is something you don't take take lightly.

How did David seduce you?

He has been himself and he didn't try to impress me. I love his simplicity. He was both a romantic guy and a guy who cared for me. For example, each morning, he gets my car out of the garage so I don't have trouble getting my way out. It may seem stupid, but this is the kind of detail I appreciate. Also, we have a lot of things in common. We both love nature and, as soon as we have some time, we go horse riding together. We also love to do 4-wheels motor biking. We go full speed on deserted beaches. It's awesome!

Do you have pets?

I have a lot of different animals! My house is almost like a zoo. I have rabbits, lizards, three horses, five dogs and two cats. I couldn't live without those little beasts... [laughs]

Is it because you like animals so much that you're a vegetarian?

I'm not vegetarian anymore! I stopped eating meat for seven years, and I finally didn't resist the temptation. Today, I can eat salami, cheeseburgers and bacon. Usually, I like eating almost anything. I'm not the kind of person who goes on a strict diet to stay slim.

Is it true that you don't like the food they serve you on the "Charmed" set?

Sometimes, I wonder if Aaron Spelling decided to put us all on a diet! [laughs] Frankly, I like to eat anything but what they serve us at the cantine is really poor. It makes me think that the whole serie's budget goes into the special effects, and there's nothing left to buy food.

You don't really seem to support forced diets. Don't you do anything to stay fit?

No. At least, I'm not a member of any gym and I never exercise when I wake up at the morning. Between my many horseback rides, taking care of my garden and the exhausting filming of "Charmed", I assume that my body already works sufficiently.

Your physical appearance is not a priority?

What's important is that I feel good in my body. I don't feel like I need to be particulary sexy. Also, I often refuse to wear costumes that the costume designer proposes to me because I think they are too provoking. On this level, I'm very different from Alyssa and Rose. I don't feel comfortable in the tight little sexy tops that show my breasts.

You didn't really express yourself on Shannen Doherty's departure. What are your thoughts on the question?

You know, when Shannen was still there, we were like three sisters with everything that it implies. We were really united, but it also happenned that we fought over things without any importance. During the first three seasons of "Charmed", we were together for more than 14 hours a day and nine months a year. When we know the explosive personnalities of Alyssa and Shannen, the crash wasn't avoidable. Nevertheless, for my part, I've never had big fights with Shannen. Also, we still see each other on a regular basis.

Recently, we've seen you with Brad Pitt and George Clooney in the movie "Ocean's Eleven". What memories do you keep of this filming?

It was fantastic. I was really happy to be around that table to play a game of poker with those pretigious actors. Even though there were cameras filming the scene, it was very convivial. We had the impression of being with friends. The director asked me to be myself and it was easy since my character's name was Holly. Even if I only appear for a couple of seconds in the movie, I keep an excellent memory of this filming.