.: Charmed and dangerous :.

When Charmed first cast its spell in 1997 and its trio of comely crime fighters were compared to Charlie's Angels, Holly Marie Combs was pegged as "the Kate Jackson one." In other words, pretty and smart but not as sexy as the other two. The sight, then, of Combs topless (covered only by her long locks) on a recenct cover of Stuff magazine was quite the surprise-even to Combs.

"There were definitely a couple of wows that came to mind," says the 29-year-old actress, now sporting a pregnancy pad under her shirt (her character, Piper, will give birth in February). "They made some additions to my chest, which was disturbing. They gave me Alyssa's boobs. I didn't even have to get a boob job."

Such frankness is pure Combs. When David E. Kelley told the auditioning actress she didn't have "a big enough heart" to play earnest teen Kimberly on his 90's drama Picket Fences, she shot back, "If you're looking for someone with a big heart, what are you doing in New York?" (She ultimately landed the role.) Likewise, Combs-who lives with boyfriend David Donoho, 37, formerly a key grip on Charmed-doesn't have much patience for Hollywood pretension. She drives a pickup and spends the bulk of her free time caring for a plethora of pets, including five rabbits, four horses, and six dogs.

Well, make that seven. Though she's only supposed to be dog-sitting the white shih tzu-poodle mix that's currently curled on her lap, she's already admitting reluctance to return the pooch to her dad.

"My boyfriend would rather I didn't bring any more animals home," she says. "But I'm like, 'Aw, come on, honey. She only weighs 3 pounds. She can't count as a whole dog."

Spoken like someone used to casting a spell or two.


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