Holly's Tattoos
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Left Wrist

Holly got this done at age 16 in New York City. At the time it was illegal to tattoo anyone in NYC beneath the age of 21! It is of an ancient Anglo-Saxon design closely related to the relics discovered at Sutton Hoo.

Right Shoulder

This tattoo was applied at the same time as the left wrist. It is a black rose on a long stem in an abstract design.

The first two tattoos came as a part of Holly's teen rebellion. But, she explained, the rebellion failed "My parents were both musicians, which made it (the rebellion) impossible. When I was 16 I got some tattoos, and my Stepfather said, 'Oh, I want one like that'".

TATTOO 3. Right Wrist

PART ONE: This one dates from around the time of her split with then husband Bryan Travis Smith (more rebellion). It is of a filligree design with a central cross.

PART TWO: The tattoo was extended upwards, either side of the cross, around November 2000, in an attempt to mask the imbalance of the original work. The whole right-hand side was extended back around the side of the wrist at the same time.

TATTOO 4. Right Wrist (inner)
Applied at the same time as the extensions to tattoo 3. It is of a blue and black butterfly in flight.