.: Holly Marie Combs Charmed :.

THE FACTS Age: 30 Due date: April 27 Sex: Boy Husband: David Donoho, TV key grip

THE SCOOP After giving birth to a TV son last season, Combs knew producers wouldn't be thrilled to know that she was expecting in real life. Thankfully, due to the nature of the show and the fact that she plays a witch, Combs had no lack of creative options when it came to hiding her baby bump. In one episode for example, she was trapped in a giant spiderweb and wrapped from head to toe in gauze.) Off camera, Combs has taked a down-to-earth approach to her impending motherhood, mostly by reading "everything I could get my hands on because I'm so facinated about what your body goes through." Although she's still unsure about how she'll balance motherhood with 12-hour workdays, she's had a fairly east time of it so far, thatks to her new husband. "I've had all these sugar cravings, so he's making homemade ice cream," she says with a laugh. "It's his version of nesting."

LOVED BEING PREGNANT BUT... not the weight gain. "When you're only 5'2, adding 23 pounds is a lot. My feet are just these poor red swollen things."