.: My Favourite Room :.

By Leslie Gornstein

Her hit series Charmed just celebrated its 100th episode. Now Holly Marie Combs, 29, shows US her San Fernando Valley den, a spot with some spirit of its own.

The West Wing "I had a house in Montana that I sold when Picket Fences [she played Kimberly Brock in the series, which was filmed in Los Angeles] was canceled [in 1996]. When I bought this house [a two-story Spanish style]three years ago, I decided to make this the Montana room so I could still have a piece of that beautiful, breathtakingly quiet place. Most of the furniture in here came from Montana, and the rest of it is from Texas, where my mom lives."

Animal house "The dogs usually have free rein of the house, but they're not interested in this room because there's no food in here. I also have three cats, five rabbits, three birds, three full-size horses, one mini [horse] and koi fish."

Prize possessions "I've been riding horses since before I could walk, so I have a lot of saddles, including one that Shannon [Doherty] bought me for my birthday that's hugely expensive. The first time I rode in it, I took this really long trail ride to break it in. I got bucked off, got a huge concussion and went to the hospital. After that, my boyfriend [David Donoho, 37, who was a Charmed lighting grip] had a trophy made for me that says 'Best Dismount on a Pleasure Trail,' and it has my hospital tag hanging on it. It's really funny."

Shelf life "I've gotten into this habit of putting dead people's boots up on this high shelf. There are two pairs of my grandmother's up there, and a pair of one friend who was a really great horseback rider. I also have my grandfather's pea-green cowboy boots in here. But I have to stop doing that. The room is going to get haunted pretty soon!"

Read alert "I keep a lot of books here. Sadly, I stole a number of then from the library in high school when I couldn't afford them but still wanted them. There are bookmarks in the middle of a lot of them because I hate to finish a book. It's just sad to me that the story's over. One book I've read and reread a couple of times is The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway. I love his lyrical and palatable writing. It's pure escapism to another time and place.

Holiday haven "We spend most holidays in this room. We just had Christmas in here with a nine-foot tree. The room was decorated from floor to ceiling. it takes three days to do and three days to undo."

Picture this "There are tons of family photos in here, like the one of my grandmother sitting me on a pony when I was less than a year old. Another one shows me as a baby with my dad riding bareback. Family photos are important for everyone, but especially for me, doing what I do. They help me remember who I am and where I came from"

"My house is pretty puppy-proof, but some things could be destroyed by the swipe of the tail" says Combs'

She got game "I like Scrabble because I'm a pretty good speller. I wasn't great in school but I can spell almost anything. But no one ever wants to play Scrabble for some reason. I also have Trivial Pursuit, Beyond Balderdash, Monopoly and the Worst-Case Scenario [Survival] Game."

Cool collectibles "A lot of the things in here are antiques that I've collected over time or found at fairs. David found some antiques padlocks with keys that actually work, and I keep a box full of foreign money from places that gone to like Canada and Mexico. The horse heads on the mantelpiece are also antiques that my contractor found for me."

Turning out and in "There's no television in here, which I actually like, because there's nobody zoning out to the TV. Instead, it's a family place where everybody flocks to hang out together."

A lawn story "I was drawn to this house because of the beautiful land. There are no houses or anyone living behind me. There's about 30,000 acres of parkland that won't ever be built on. And that's pretty cool because I own only two and a half acres, but it looks like I have so much more that I didn't have to pay for!"