.: Wanda Live May 24th, 1999 :.

From Jaeton: Do the girls on Charmed all get along well?

Yes, we get along very well. In fact, Shannen and I go horseback riding together, and Alyssa and I go flower shopping together.

From HeidiAnn: What is your favorite episode of Charmed?

I'd have to say the pilot--the first one. I just liked it the best.

From dirt_girl: Are you ever involved in any practical joking on the set?

There are occasional food fights. We had Friday-night grape night. Because when I had the scene with Josh and the wine, we started picking up the plastic grapes and throwing them at each other. By Friday night we were so tired, and the director couldn't control us! There were grapes all over the floor.

From tommy: When did you start acting?

I think I was 10. I did everything--commercials, print ads. I got my SAG card from being an extra in a movie. It was called Walls of Glass.

From hacker2093: Why do you use your middle name?

Was there already a Holly Combs?

No, it wasn't that. I was 10 years old when I got into SAG, so my mom kind of made the decisions, and she was really proud of my whole name. I never got around to changing it.

From c_johnson: Do any of your nonacting friends ever ask to be in an episode of Charmed or anything like that?

Occasionally, but only as jokes. Sometimes we'll let someone be an extra or background in a restaurant scene. But the hours are really long, and they usually have to stay all day and don't want to do it again.

From maturin: Have you had much feedback from practicing wiccans/neopagans?

We get a lot of feedback over the Internet. Some of the wiccans and witches are happy that we're portraying them in a positive light, and there are some who feel we take too much dramatic license. We try to remind them that we're on a TV show.

From seattlematt: What kind of music do you like?

Are you a Remy Zero groupie?

Yes, I'm a very big Remy Zero fan. We go to all his shows. I like all different kinds of music, from country and to really hard rock.

From quadman: What was your reaction when you learned Alyssa was joining the cast?

I was shocked, actually. I had no idea the other girl was leaving. During the first scene I did with Alyssa, it was clear to me she brought something completely different to the show. And it was something we needed.

From xnderbuffy: Is working for Spelling very different from working for David E. Kelley?

No. It's funny, but it's not. They are both very much in control of their projects, and they both take active roles in all aspects of the projects. They're both basically control freaks.

From ghostfacekiller: What movies do you like?

The last movie I saw that I liked was The Matrix. And, of course, I saw Star Wars and found it very entertaining. One of my favorite movies is Wild at Heart.

From quadman: What's your opinion on the WB's decision to move the show to Thursday nights?

I knew this one was coming. I'm a little nervous, because it is the most competitive night on television. I kind of feel honored that the network feels we can handle this arena--mostly nervous, though.

From hacker2093: Do you keep in touch with anyone from Picket Fences?

I do. I talk to Tom Skerritt occasionally. And I talk to a few of the crew guys. It was definitely a family atmosphere. Our crew was very family oriented. It was a nice place to spend four years.

From bonny1212: Holly, don't you get frustrated sometimes that all the media cares about is whether all three of you girls get along?

Yeah, they used to be really concerned with that. Now, a lot of people on the Internet seem to be really interested in our marriages and our love lives. So, it has sort of shifted.

From brandy5443: Did you go to Alyssa's wedding?

What was that like?

I did. It was very nice--very beautiful and very inspiring.

From superpiper: Is it hard working on a green screen so often?

It definitely is. It was a new experience for me. It takes a lot of imagination and stamina. You can't feel embarrassed by what you're doing because you're in front of a big, green screen!

From sarah_gellar: I watched the season finale of Charmed yesterday, and I thought it was sooo sad what happened to you-know-who. Will you-know-who come back next season, as a ghost or something?

I actually don't have the answer to that. I don't think our writers even have the answer to that. I think it's an idea floating around, so, we'll see.

From christolj: Does it bother you when people talk about your personal life on the boards?

It's beginning to, because a lot of people have been picking on my boyfriend. I haven't said much about him, so, it kind of bothers me when they start speculating about him.

From charmingirl: How long have you been a vegetarian?

I was for seven years. I'm not any longer. I had these terrible cravings that never went away, and finally I just broke down. I had to have a cheeseburger!

From hacker2093: I saw Shannen and Alyssa on MTV at the Skywalker Ranch for the Star Wars screening, but I didn't see you. Were you there?

Yeah, I was there. I did an interview standing next to Alyssa. It was amazing! Lucas has amazing facilities up there. He has a huge main house and a research library. We got to take a tour of the main house. It was, like, 76,000 square feet, but they told us it's just where George Lucas works. He doesn't even live in it.

From belkelyn: Do you have any movie roles coming up?

I'm reading a couple of things right now. I'm very interested in taking a vacation, but if I found something I really loved, I think I'd do it.

From tanyamichellerox: Holly, do you and Shannen really drive trucks?

Yeah, we do. Occasionally, we do.

From sheryl9699: Holly, do you have any tattoos?

I have three: one on each wrist and a rose on my shoulder.

From sheryl9699: How did you and Shannen meet?

We met through mutual friends probably six or seven years ago. We've been friends ever since.

From calgrrl: Do you like for people to come up and talk to you, or do you prefer to be left alone in public?

There's no one who has ever come up to me and bothered me or freaked me out, so, I'm still okay with people coming up to me. It has changed now with Charmed, because the show's geared more toward kids, and they have no qualms about running up to you in the mall.

From c_johnson: Besides Charmed, what's your favorite show on TV?

The X-Files and Friends. It used to be Mad About You, but then with the baby, it just wasn't as much fun.

From shadygroves: What's a typical day on the Charmed set like?

We get dressed in some very fashionable clothing, put on a lot of makeup and then go slay some demons!

From chlobo: Holly, do you have any pets?

I have two dogs, two cats, three lovebirds and a horse. The cats are Blue and Selina, named after Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman. The dogs are Travis and Hugo. The lovebirds are Lollipop and Flower, and we have a new one that just flew into my kitchen yesterday, but we don't have a name for it yet. The horse is Jesse. The name came with the horse.

From stout1976: What male actors would you like to play opposite of?

Andy Garcia...Matthew McConaughey's good. I'll take either one!

From nova_7: Tell us about your White Lighter.My White Lighter will be returning next year.

From christolj: Why do you think you three have such great chemistry onscreen?

I think Shannen and I have a chemistry because we know each other from before and are really close friends, so it was easy for us to play sisters. And with Alyssa, we just got lucky. If you saw the original pilot, it was very different. So, it has worked out great.

From shadygroves: Out of curiosity, is the Halliwell house in the show an actual house, or is it a set?

No, it's an actual house at an undisclosed location.

From spoilerman: When do you start taping again?

We'll probably start at the end of July.

From stephiem: What would we find in your refrigerator?

A lot of junk food, but also a lot of health food, because my boyfriend is a vegetarian and has been for his whole life. He goes for the granola cereal and I go for the Cocoa Krispies. Also, salami and bacon--a reformed vegetarian gone bad.

From mintstacey: Holly, what is your favorite way to relax and unwind?

When I'm working, it's basically falling into bed. When I'm not working, I like to go horseback riding and do gardening.

From tommy: Do you exercise?

If so, what do you do to keep in shape?

I don't have any sort of exercise routine, but between my horse and my garden and walking around in those heels on Charmed, that's enough exercise for me.

From zappi: If you hadn't gone into acting, what profession do you think you would have entered?

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a marine biologist, of all things. I was a water baby. I got my scuba-diving license when I was 13 years old.

From tanyamichellerox: Can you describe Alyssa and Shannen each in three words?

Shannen is strong, determined and loving. Alyssa is sweet, nurturing and spiritual.

From quadman: What are your plans for the summer?

Spend time with my horse and get ready for next year, basically.

From jenni_lee: What is the best gift you've ever gotten?

Susan Sarandon gave me an Irish wedding ring when I finished my first movie with her. She had it inscribed and everything. I was, like, 13, and I lost it within six months. I'm still bummed about that. Also, Tom Cruise got me an antique brooch because I had the stomach flu when we were filming Born on the Fourth of July. He saw I was wearing this antique ring and gave me the brooch. I wore it on my leather jacket for years. Then, one day, I looked down, and it was gone.

From tanyamichellerox: Do you like to cook like Piper does?

I try to cook like Piper does. I'm not as good of a cook, though. But I do enjoy trying and usually fail miserably. I can make a whole broiled chicken. It's a lot easier than pulling meat apart. I'm still new at not being a vegetarian.

From slaer: Do you know anyone else on the WB set besides the crew on Charmed?

We have so many dinners and lunches, and we all hang out. We make jokes about the WB family. There was a rumor that I was dating Barry Watson from Seventh Heaven. And I was standing next to Katie Holmes at an event and she said, "Well, you've got to keep it in the WB family!"

From xnderbuffy: Are you going to be a werewolf again?

Was it really you behind the costume?

I hope I'm not going to be a werewolf again because that was a really difficult episode to do. But no, it wasn't me. It was a big man in the werewolf suit.

From andrew_h: How did you get involved with Thursday's Child, and why?

Because it was an organization to help runaways and teenagers who were having a hard time. I didn't have the easiest time as a teenager, so I related to it.

From jenni_lee: What kind of books do you read?

I'm reading a book about cross-training your horse.

From heidiann: What were you like in high school?

Did you like it?

No. Until I had a purpose (my junior year) like marine biology, I kind of had a problem with authority, and I wasn't very outgoing. I was shy. It was a tough time for me.

From charmingirl: Do you like New York better or L.A.?

I lived in NYC a long time, and I like them both for different reasons.

From monique1017: What "classic role" would you like to have played?

You know, from Scarlett O'Hara to Princess Leia...The answer would have to be Princess Leia. Who wouldn't want to play her?

From mikerand: Any advice for aspiring actors, Holly?

If it's something you really want to do and it makes you happy, then stick with it. But if it's not something you wholeheartedly want to do, then don't do it, because it's a rough business.

From chlobo: Was that thing about standing beside Katie and dating Barry a rumor?

Yes, I was standing beside Katie. No, I was not dating Barry. I'm dating Katie! (Just kidding.)

From christolj: Your fiancÚ deserves a lot of credit for teaching...especially in times like these. Do you worry about the hazards of his job?

I do. He teaches in an urban area, but he loves it.

From quadman: Have you had any say in the development of Piper?

Actually, yeah. They came to me at the end of the year and asked, "What do you want for your character?

" I really don't know, but they said I could come to them with any ideas.

From sheryl9699: Are you planning any daytime or prime-time interviews soon?

Nothing soon...My first live interview was Regis and Kathie Lee. I hadn't done anything live before. It was very scary. I was talking really fast. I was a little nervous!

From Kramer: Katie Holmes or Shannen Doherty: In a Celebrity Deathmatch, who would win?

Well, Katie's bigger and younger, but Shannen's feistier. I don't know. It would have to be a draw.

From quadman: Are Alyssa and Shannen jealous that you got to work with Tom Cruise?

Oh, no. I got to work with Tom a long time ago. I was 16.

From quadman: Holly, I read somewhere you wanted to get rid of your bangs, but Spelling made you keep them. Do you think he'll change his mind for next season?

I seriously hope so because I can't take the bangs any longer.

From mikerand: Holly: Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin, 'N Sync, 98 Degrees or me?

'N Sync. Only because they're friends of a friend.

From charmingirl: Do you think Charmed doesn't get enough publicity?

I'd like to see it get more compared to a lot of other shows. But the network is aware of our gripe, and they're fixing it.

From calgrrl: Which do you like better: movies or TV?

It depends on the script. It depends on the project. I've done movies I liked and TV shows I liked a lot more. (It only takes eight days to film an episode.)

From halliwell123: Holly, what kind of horse do you have?

I have a quarter horse.

From quadman: I know you all have tattoos. Who spends the most time in makeup getting them covered up?

Alyssa has more than anyone, but I probably spend the most time because mine are on my wrists.

From mikerand: Holly, did you see Susan Lucci get the Emmy?

It was the strangest thing, because I had heard about it. I never watched All My Children, but when she won and cried, I was so moved. I was sitting there going, Why I am I crying?!

From dc_rulz: Is there anything about Charmed you'd change if you were producer?

There're a few things I'd change, and we're working on it. I'm not going to say what they are. Just to make it a little more realistic.

From brunob: Did you watch 90210 when Shannen was on it?

No, I was never really into that. My friends were. They were obsessed with it, but I never really watched it.

From mintstacey: Are you a homebody, or do you like to go out?

If so, what kind of places?

I'm basically a homebody. In fact, all three of us are.

From seattlematt: Have you met any celebrities who have left you completely starstruck?

Yes. Michelle Pfeiffer, for one, because she was married to David Kelley our last couple years of Picket Fences. I would just stand there in awe. Tom [Cruise] is just so down to earth and sweet. He knew I was nervous, so, he rehearsed with me even though it was a small scene.

From carminez: Who do you think is the sexiest guy on the WB?

Joshua Jackson.

From halliwell123: Holly, of all of the characters you've played, which are you most like?

Probably Kimberly on Picket Fences, just because she was kind of like a teenager who had a question and an answer for everything--or thought she did.

From sulu: Do you guys get to keep the clothes?

No, we don't. We have an option to buy them for a reduced price if we want to. I'll have to renegotiate that part of my contract.

From tula: If you could, which power would you pick?

Probably mine. I think having premonitions would freak me out. And moving things is a dangerous power to have.

From dc_rulz: Have you ever met Joshua Jackson?

Oh yeah. He's very sweet and very cute and has an amazingly funny personality. He's got charm just oozing out of his skin.

From xnderbuffy: What's up with the cat as seen in the beginning?

She has come and gone every few episodes. She's like Tiger from The Brady Bunch. She's there when we need her.

From jeogg: Any hints for next season?

They don't give me any hints for next season. But I do know Piper's gonna have a nightclub of sorts, and, if I have my way, Leo will be back.

From charmingirl: Where are you going to spend the last day of 1999?

In New York or in LA with your fiancÚ?

I'm hoping to go somewhere quiet and secluded, away from the madness. Someplace with its own personal generator--just in case.

From katyaction: Which villain on Charmed has been your favorite so far?

Billy Wirth's character, for obvious reasons.

From tanyamichellerox: How did you get that scar on your eyebrow?

When I was learning how to walk, I actually hit my head on a marble table. It was a nasty mark all the way across my forehead, but only the eyebrow scarred.

From hacker2093: I saw in the newspaper that your TV movie about the cadet murders is on this week. Was it hard playing someone so psycho?

It was hard because it was, like, the first time I had ever played a character like that. And because it was a true story, there was, like, hate mail, and people were scared of me.

From christolj: Thank you for taking time out of your day to talk with us!Thank you for writing in questions--otherwise I'd be talking to myself! And watch the show!!!